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Contract Training Series Starts
June 19th!

Whether you are new to the business or find yourself on automatic pilot when filling out the Residential Purchase Agreement (RPA-CA) contract, now may be the time to really understand what you are having your client sign. The first in our 3 part series, get all 3 for $25! >>>Read more
Affordable Housing Seminar June 22nd
The sixth class in our SCCP series will host local experts discussing housing programs, getting qualified, lending guidelines and more! Class can be taken independent of the series for $20. Class date is Friday, June 22, 9:30 am 12:30 pm. >>>Read more
 Jun 19RPA-CA Contract Training
 Jun 20REALTOR Property Resource (RPR) Essentials (MLS)
 Jun 20MLS Touch
 Jun 21Tour Marketing Meeting
 Jun 22SCCP: Affordable Housing
 Jun 25Annual REALTOR General Membership Meeting
 Jun 26Events & Community Relations Committee
 Jun 28Tour Marketing Meeting
 Jun 29Spring Fling!
 Jun 29Spring Fling Baking Contest
 Jul 3Events & Community Relations Committee
 Jul 5Tour Marketing Meeting