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REALTOR Leadership Program
Do you aspire to a leadership position with your local or state REALTOR Association? Or perhaps you're already on a leadership path. If so, you want to be sure to participate in the REALTOR Leadership Program (RLP) courses! Both classes held on the same day, September 4, for only $35! >>>Read more
 Aug 22Tour Marketing Meeting
 Aug 23Matrix 101: The Essentials
 Aug 23Tax Records: Realist
 Aug 29Tour Marketing Meeting
 Sep 4REALTOR Leadership Program
 Sep 5Tour Marketing Meeting
 Sep 11How Do I: Find My Next Listing
 Sep 11First Class: A Required Training Course for New MLS Subscribers
 Sep 12Tour Marketing Meeting
 Sep 13GIS Mapping: Are You Still Driving to the County for Property Data?
 Sep 16Breakfast with the Mayors of Santa Cruz County
 Sep 19Tour Marketing Meeting